A pianist’s pianist… stunning and highly illuminating performances


"The intensity Mr. Levingston clearly felt was transmitted in his introspective, dreamy performance."
  – The New York Times. Through Erik Satie's Music, a Trip Back in Time to the Soundless and the Surreal

"The music is Philip Glass's 'A Musical Portrait of Chuck Close' (given a commanding live onstage performance by Bruce Levingston)..."
  – The Boston Globe. Boston Ballet's challenging 'Close to Chuck'

"…transparency and timeless reverie, which Levingston projected beautifully"
  – The Washington Post. Jacobsen and Levingston at Library of Congress

"...consistently graced by Mr. Levingston’s sensitive playing"
  – Wall Street Journal. ‘Trio Concertdance’ and ‘Rising’ Reviews

"Levingston’s playing was sublime throughout..."
  – Backtrack. Five Stars

"...a showcase for the American pianist Bruce Levingston whose vivid hands floating over the keys is like a dance in itself."
  – The New York Times. Review: Alessandra Ferri, Herman Cornejo and Piano Makes Three

"An elegant performer, he was passionate and intense.... Levingston has a powerful stage presence ...He has a special ability to captivate not only the ears of his audience, but their hearts as well."
  – DCMetroTheaterArts. Five Stars

"…driven by ideas and filled with music old, new and well worth hearing….Mr. Levingston's technique was at its best"
  – The New York Times. A Little Offbeat Humor in Cyclical Exploration

"...warm and sinuous piano lines...Levingston and Brooklyn Rider played perfectly in sync."
  – Backtrack. Premiere Commission Celebrates 10 Years of New Music at (Le) Poisson Rouge

"…pianist Bruce Levingston essays Glass's elegiac score with consummate artistry"
  – The Hub Review. Boston Ballet gets Close to cutting Edge

"…a hauntingly serene performance by Mr. Levingston and Mr. Jacobsen"
  – The New York Times. Premiere Commission Holds Gala, With a Premiere by Lisa Bielawa

"Mr. Levingston played with a delicate touch and painted in subtle hues…. a graceful account." 
  – The New York Times. A Pianist Turns the Tables on a Portrait Painter

"good taste...intrepid playing...sensuous sound"
  – The New York Times. Sprinting Across All 88 Keys

"Bruce Levingston was the most “piano-soloist” of all and he performed with Lisztian élan. #12 was a majestic, shimmering piece that he managed to play with both energy and tenderness."
– I care if you listen. Practice, practice, practice: Philip Glass’s Complete Piano Etudes at BAM

pianism on a grand scale... pure excellence.





Pianist Bruce Levingston unites seemingly disparate works in a fascinating musical collage. David Bruce’s Schumann-inspired The Shadow of the Blackbird is the dark, foreboding partner to Schumann’s own Kinderszenen, a charming, many-layered portrait of the innocences of youth. Levingston’s performance is gentle, delicate, and winsome, his “Träumerei” gorgeously slow and deeply affecting. James Matheson’s Windows seeks, like Schumann’s music, to bring contrasting elements together in one work—here Matheson pays homage to the exquisitely colored stained glass windows of Marc Chagall and Henri Matisse with music that dances, flits, and refracts.”
iTunes Review, January 2018

“Bruce Levingston gives a sensitive, soulful, interpretation of Schumann’s Scenes from Childhood (Kinderszenen)…. then caps the Schumann section of the CD with an idiomatically flawless Arabesque. The programming of these three composers’ works in one CD is daring and utterly successful…. over an hour of pleasure, thanks to the devotedly committed playing of Bruce Levingston, an elegant musician whose playing is ever self-effacing and always at the service of the music. This Sono Luminus elegantly packaged, well engineered and intelligently annotated release should be a welcome addition to the libraries of those who, like this writer, love great piano music in the hands of master players.”
– All About The Arts (Rafael’s Music Notes), January 2018

The impeccable command for which Levingston's become known are again evident, this time in an inspired set-list that achieves a satisfying rapprochement between old and new—if, that is, it's fair to brand Schumann's timeless works old.... The range of emotional expression and technical command he demonstrates in this performance is exceptional.”
Textura, February 2018

“beautiful... Not since Horowitz played this as the encore in his 1986 Moscow concert near the end of his life, have I heard such playing. Words completely fail. Levingston brings this approach to the whole piece and thereby creates something quite unlike anything recorded of late.”
The Whole Note, March 2018




Textura Top Albums of the Year
“...pianist Bruce Levingston shows himself on this double-CD set to be an ideal interpreter of Glass's work. Inaugurating the release with “Etude No. 2” proves to be a masterstroke for the way in which the pianist's sensitive rendering invites a renewed appreciation for Glass's artistry.... his softer touch brings forth even more vividly the inherent musicality of the compositions, a case in point his delicate, understated rendering of “Metamorphosis II.” No performance of a given work can ever be said to be definitive, but Levingston's certainly come close to seeming so, and one imagines Glass would endorse these versions without reservation.”
– Textura, December 2016

WQXR-Q2 Album of the week
“[ a ] passionate and spontaneous portrait of the composer.... Dreaming Awake (Sono Luminus) is a boldly individual approach to the keyboard works of an American master. Even Levingston's stellar choice of collaborator fits the bill…. Levingston recruits thespian Ethan Hawke, Hollywood's Gen-X embodiment of Romanticism, and Hawke's breathless delivery is absolutely of a piece with the almost cinematic heroics of Levingston's vision for these pathbreaking works.”
– Review by Daniel Stephen Johnson for Album of the Week, WQXR-Q2

“One of the best Glass piano programs I have ever heard.”
– The American Record Guide

“Wichita Vortex Sutra, with its subtle shifts of color....includes a brilliant reading of excerpts from Allen Ginsberg’s stream-of-consciousness anti-war poem of the same name by Ethan Hawke... highly recommended.”
– Gramophone

“The image of the great eye that stands out on the cover of this unmissable double CD of Sono Luminus, although it refers in all likelihood to the song that gives the title track, can be used as a metaphor for Philip Glass's music, especially that performed here by the extraordinary pianist Bruce Levingston.... Levingston understands this duality, and knows when and how to give breath to the ornaments, bring out the melodic design, enhance the rhythmic motor engine, with an exquisite touch, sense of space, dramatic pathos and an overview that makes him the ideal interpreter of these intense works.”
– Philip Focosi for Kathodik Ezine (Italy), Five Stars 

“The musical colors are incredibly poignant in this tribute to American painter Chuck Close…. Glass depicts this emotional battle in the music, Levingston communicates it with his playing, and the producers at Sono Luminus record it with such master, yielding a stand-out new release in the contemporary classical realm.”  
– Second Inversion

“...this collection of shorter piano pieces is a revelation... They're pure, distilled essence of Glass. These études charm, entertain and move by turns. Glass’s friend and collaborator Bruce Levingston commissioned several of them, and he’s a persuasive, expansive guide. The dexterity and accuracy are thrilling... [Ethan Hawke and Bruce Levingston] perform as if their lives depend on it, the collective positivity oozing out of the speakers. Wichita Vortex’s optimism alone makes this a mandatory purchase. Sono Luminus's production values are predictably high. An essential Glass anthology….”
– The Arts Desk, Graham RicksonApril 15, 2017

“Levingston’s interpretations are unusually thoughtful and sensitive, with a clarity of touch that brings a welcome sense of textural interest. One highlight is the collaborative performance of Wichita Vortex Sutra for piano and spoken word; based on the antiwar sentiments of the Beat poet Allen Ginsberg; the work is beautifully narrated by Ethan Hawke.”
– Clavier Companion, Vanessa Corbett, January 2017

“This CD is a very fine tribute to the composer’s career…. Lovers of Glass will be happy about this release….”
– Audiophile Audition, 2018

 “a superbly planned program…. Levingston gives a rich and colourful performance. His playing reveals a deep understanding of the music and its composer. Levingston is a master in this genre, with complete interpretive access to Glass’ work, whether originating in poetic protest or the cinema, whether written for study or meditation.”
-The Whole Note, April 2017 (Canada) 




“a solo recital that shimmers with Mr. Levingston's mastery of colors and nuance.
  – The New York Times. Best Classical Recordings of 2015

Death and rebirth are the themes of this deeply personal, exquisite album.”
– The New York Times

…a sublime disc… the Bach-Siloti Prelude in B Minor is gorgeously played…Levingston's flawless technique always serves the music.”  
– The Arts Desk

Heavy Sleep is a considerably meditative effort bookended by its highlights–two world premiere recordings of works by two of the United States’ luminaries in contemporary composition, left to the hands (figurative and literal) of a caring and virtuosic leader in the field.
I Care if You Listen

Pianist Bruce Levingston is a great proponent of contemporary music….Levingston has a great stage presence and conveys depth with every performance…”  
– Audiophile Audition

…richly idiosyncratic playing... a tremendous range of dynamics and sonority” 
– ConcertoNet

Bruce Levingston is a pianistic poet of the highest sort. The right pianist with the right imagination can fashion a program that is very...right. Pianist Bruce Levingston has done this vividly on his album Heavy Sleep (Sono Luminus 92183)...a winner on every count.” 
– Classical Modern Music




...as if by magic, Levingston locates the pulse of each new track so unerringly... luminous... deeply poetic... unabashedly gorgeous lyricism.” 
– Gramophone

...extraordinary gifts as a colorist and as a performer who can hold attention rapt with the softest of playing.”  
– MusicWeb International Recording of the Month

“Bruce Levingston is a gifted pianist... these performances compete with any other I have heard... the performances are wonderful!” 
– Audiophile Audition

Pianist Bruce Levingston's new Still Sound is a gorgeously conceptual album... a knockout... a quietly powerful reminder of why Levingston has become the go-to pianist for many of this era's most intriguing composers.
– Lucid Culture

beautiful minimal pieces”  
– Buffalo News

poetic works for a poetic musician... his playing of the Schubert Impromptu Op. 90, No. 4 is exceptionally sublime.” 
– Classical TV

“Exquisite colours and haunting cadences highlight the remarkable solo performances of American pianist Bruce Levingston in Still Sound.” 
– The Whole Note




Levingston is a pianist's pianist... stunning and highly illuminating performances” 
– American Record Guide

arrestingly contrasting dynamics and colour shadings... masterly textural control... rapt introspection
– Gramophone

pianism on a grand scale...Levingston saved best for last: a suite from Philip Glass's Dracula. Bruce Levingston's nocturnal tone finally meets its perfect match...pure excellence.
– MusicWeb International

an exceptional young pianist of Romantic and modern repertoire - a poet and intellectual who it seems, thus far, doesn't have a vulgar or excessive bone in his body.
– Buffalo News

an excellent new album...particularly vivid, impressively dynamic works
– Lucid Culture

a thoughtful, imaginative program well played and beautifully recorded... audiophile audition... four stars
– Audiophile Audition

impressive color changes and attention to articulation...colorful, sparkling, and sensitive... It is almost as though the breaking of night has been painted in sounds.
– Fanfare




“an enviable touch at the keyboard and an equally commendable ear when it comes to programming... Levingston's interpretation of Kreisleriana is a must.
WQXR Album of the Week

“On its own, Levingston's account of Schumann's "Kreisleriana" easily justifies this collection of works inspired by literature. Vivid and richly expressive, it's a notable reading and a worthy addition to any library.... a gripping, dynamic performance. Grade: A
– Cleveland Plain Dealer

emotionally intuitive, dynamically charged... Levingston caresses the keys
– Lucid Culture

“clarity and panache
– American Record Guide

Bruce Levingston links 19th century Romanticism to the present.
– New Jersey Star Ledger

Levingston's playing is exemplary throughout.
– Baker and Taylor CD Hotlist

one of the most colorful pianistic palettes I have ever heard... simply astounding... a reading of great power.
– Fanfare




Levingston plays it beautifully and authoritatively... enthralling... His poise makes these classics sound amazingly fresh.
– American Record Guide

“transcendent virtuosity and a huge arsenal of tone color
– Classics Today

“Pianist Bruce Levingston brings his graceful touch to a diptych 'portrait' by Philip Glass that pays tribute to American painter Chuck Close
– Textura

“The Satie pieces are also calmly and gently formed... a feeling of quiet stillness and fragility.
– All Music Guide

intimate, meditative and richly colored
– Classic Magazin (Germany)

Pianist Bruce Levingston is a great proponent of contemporary music…
conveys depth with every performance